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hill along with general dempsey, joint chief of staff. there are live shots of the hearing on going. secretary panetta who is right next to him says the military pre pictures for all kinds of situations but there were no specific signs of an imminent aeu that being on the diplomatic mission in libya. he says there simply was not enough time to reach benghazi with enough fire power to prevent the murders of ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. >> the inner agency response was timely and appropriate, but there simply was not enough time, given the speed of the attacks for armed u.s. military assets to have made a difference. jenna: national skhaourt correspondent jennifer given is live at the pentagon watching the hearing as it happens. what is the tenure of the hearing this morning? >> reporter: i think what is most interesting, jenna is as soon as democrats take to the questioning they bring up a totally unrelated element, they start asking the secretary about sequestration, about budget cuts. when the republicans are at the helm you have senator lindsey graham right
accompanied by the united states pershing zone army band. general martin dempsey spoke first and he will soon be followed by the president. all to honor the man whom on thursday senator barbara mackowski said was the one person as cia director who never jerked her around. this comes a day after john brennan, the man who hopes to be the next cia director, walked into a volatile confirmation hearing room full of protests and pointed questions over torture, ren dation, adition, a targeted killings in the war on proper. >> i think there's a misimpression on the part of some american people who believe we take strikes to punish terrorists for past transgressions. nothing could be further from the truth. we only take such actions as a last resort to save lives when there's no other alternative to taking an action that's going to mitigate that threat. >> mr. brennan took pointed questions from democrats and republicans alike. but it was the republicans most eager to press mr. brennan on areas other than policy. and on that count, mr. brennan not only parried, he pushed back. >> it is possible to put
. bring every one of these folks in, put them all on a panel. clinton, panetta, dempsey. bring all of them in. do it again. >> they brought mrs. clinton in there. you had this hearing yesterday with panetta and dempsey. that's where this information came out. >> i will protect the senate's rights all day long when it comes to any executive branch whether it's obama, clinton, bush or the next person. i'm not -- my desire is not to protect t protect executive branch. i like congressional hearings. i also like nonhypocrisy. joel just called this a scandal, a conspiracy. there is no conspiracy here unless you say it's a conspiracy. if there is have more hearings. bring them all in. >> it's hard to have fruitful hearings with people who won't tell you the truth. >> you're right. we didn't have much of that during the bush hearings. >> we may never know. a lot of holes in this story that came out dramatically yesterday when leon panetta was cross examined. that's the thing. five months later we're still getting new information. gentlemen, thank you. joel pollack, we appreciate it. jimmy williams
. the disclosure came as panetta and martin dempsey, chair of the joint chiefs of staff, appeared before a senate panel thursday where the also testified about the fatal attack on u.s. diplomatic mission in benghazi, libya last year. this is leon panetta. clip later inthat the broadcast. amid questioning of the placement of troops during the libya attack, martin dempsey and the military is looking into building "small, rapidly deployable forces" around the world. a bangladeshi man who tried to block the new york federal reserve bank with a fake bomb as part of an elaborate fbi sting operation has pleaded guilty to terrorism charges. 21-year old quazi nafis faces 30 years to life in prison following his arrest last october. the fbi supplied every component of the attack including the inert explosives, the band used to carry them, the detonator, and even the storage facility where an agent helped quazi nafis assemble the fake bomb. the agent even reportedly planted the idea of using a remote-control device to trigger an explosion after quazi nafis had originally planned a suicide mission but expres
. thank you, president pro tem dempsey, speaker jones, judges of the missouri supreme court, lieutenant governor kinder, state officials, members of the legislature, members of my cabinet, and my fellow missourians. this evening it is my pleasure to be joined by missouri's outstanding first lady, georganne nixon, and our son jeremiah. this has become one of our most honored traditions. i am proud care to be tonight to continue this. i want to take a moment of pause remember to extraordinary people from nevada, but the film i've had the honor of serving with. first, she who devoted her entire life as a mother, schoolteacher and state legislator. persson is with us tonight. nevada will not soon forget your mother or her service. surge in this building with honor and distinction for over four decades. his legacy is public service. there are no barriers for what can be accomplished if we summon the will to work together. i am particularly pleased and honored to years ago we gathered in a different time under different circumstances. as i stood before you on that evening our state was reelin
. we read air the show starting at noon at"meet the press." today, leon panetta and martin dempsey. at 1:00 here "this week." the former d.c. public schools chancellor makes an appearance and lou barletta. "fox news sunday" with wayne la pierre and mark kelly, husband of gabby giffords. "state of the union" at 3:00 with leon panetta and martin dempsey. four-o'clock, "face the nation" roger goodell. the sunday talk shows rearing but he by a public service by the networks. it begins at noon with "meet the press." listen to them all on c-span radio, 90.1 fm in the washington area. 119 on xm satellite radio. you can go online to [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> i think my experience led me to realize that, yes, i did have a voice. in using it, i could accomplish things. having been crazy -- having been busy raising the children, i do not think up to my mind to anything like that. when i left the white house, there were so many sign people up there who are willing to help you win your caus
clint dempsey,,, remate cruzado al poste izquierdo de valladares,,, adelanto a los americanos... ---cuatro minutos despues,,, saque de esquina,,, juan carlos garcia,,,, "que chilena" una joya - para vencer a tim howard... emparejando las cosas... --a diez del final,,,garcia con el hermoso pase y,, jerry bentson dentro del area solo la empuja para el marcador final de 2 por 1... --ganan los catrachos y para estados unidos aumentan los problemas... take vo el resto de la jornada en la primera fecha del hexagonal final,,, la completa -- panama que en estos momentos esta recibiendo al campeon de la copa uncaf,,, costa rica.. --y mas tarde en el estadio azteca,,, el tricolor mexicano,, se medira con la rapida y veloz seleccion de jamaica... --por supuesto que a las once tendremos ese resumen... espaÑa vo ---el dia de hoy tambien se jugaron varios amistosos,,, en qatar,,, uno de los mas esperados,,, campeon europeo y campeon de america... --uruguay tuvo buen trato con la pelota,,, pero fueron una serie de errores que doblegaron la garra charrua... gol de fabregas al min.'15... -cri
triunfo y lo hizo ante la seleccion de las barras y las estrellas... ---clint dempsey,,, adelanto a los americanos... ---una verdadera joya de juan carlos garcia,,,, emparejo las cosas... y jerry bentson puso el marcador final de 2 por 1... --gana honduras que en la proxima fecha recibira a mexico,,, y los estados unidos recibira a la seleccion costaricense.. . brasil vo ---pasando a los partidos amistosos del dia de hoy... y el equipo de la rosa le hecho a perder el debut,,, a felipao como nuevo timonel de la seleccion carioca... fred aprovecho en un error defensivo,,, pero wayne rooney y frank lampard pusieron las dos velitas en el pastel,, para darle la bienvenida,,,a una seleccion brasileÑa,,,, que aun no convence... que aun no convence... espaÑa vo ---en qatar,,,-uruguay tuvo buen manejo del balon,,, sin embargo en los pocos errores que cometieron les costo muy caro ante la
marcador clint dempsey a los 36 minutos del primer tiempo, el empate catracho fue obra de juan carlos garcia a los 40 de chilena dentro del area en uno de los mejores goles de lo que va el aÑo y sobre los 79 minutos aparecio jerry bengton para anotar el gol de la victoria conque honduras supero a estados unidos. el segundo partido fue en el estadio romel fernendez. panama de local no supo mantener la ventaja en el marcador y termino perdiendo 2 puntos con el empate. a los 15 minutos el primer gol canalero obra de luis alfonso hernandez, a los 26 minutos, el segundo tanto llega sobre la derecha y la pierna de gabriel torres para mandar el balon a fondo de la redes, a los 39 minutos el descuento con un gol de cabeza del goleador alvaro saborio. en el segundo tiempo los ticos fueron superiores y sobre los 84 minutos un gol de chilena de bryan ruiz, para dejar el definitivo 2-2 entre panama y costa rica. y se cerro en el estadio azteca, con un 0-0, donde jamaica que llegÓ con etiqueta de vÍctima, para la apuesta de la selecciÓn en casa, donde se exige que no so Ólo sometan al rival,
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for a leon panetta. obama and gener martin dempsey will host the .eremony he served as defense secretary since june 2011. president obama has nominated to succeed him. president obama's second term getting started, but he is looking forward to the midterm elections. the president plans to hold at least 14 fund-raisers for year.ates this republicans accused him of being interested in campaigning and governing. york woman is free on bail after visiting a son jail. her in a passed oxycotin pills to her after french kissing him visit.the police of not said how the drugs were discovered. >> 5:50 this morning. >> moving on to the weather. icy and snowy depending on you live it. we are running the whole gamut of this morning. it does not have to go further than 20 miles to the west where seeing the winter mix. 34 your degree -- 34 your at reagan national. the postal system is in the station right now. 34 in gaithersburg. snow in frederick at 32 degrees. super doppler showing rain across parts of eastern maryland. just of the liquid a variety. of the beltway and head montgomery county thatrince
la seleccion de las barras y las estraellas con anotacion de clint dempsey a los 36 minutos del primer tiempo, el empate llego con juan carlos garcÍa a los 40 uno de los mejores goles de lo que va el aÑo de chilena para el empate y sobre los 79 minutos aparecio jerry bengtson para poner el definitivo 2-1 y la victoria de honduras que arranca el hexagonal con victoria en casa.ante su propio publico de san pedro sula. el segundo partido se jugo en el estadio romel fernandez entre panama y costa rica. otro de eso partidos muy disputados, abrio el marcador luis alfonso henriquez recien al os 15 minutos de juego, los panameÑos siguieron presionando y sobre los 26 aparecio gabriel torres recibiendo un balon sobre la derecha y la mando al fon de de las redes para el segundo canalero, los ticos no bajaron la guardia y sobre los 39 minutos aparecio el goleador alvaro saborÍo para el descuento y asi se fueron al descanso. en el segundo tiempo fue igual de parejo y costa rica logro el empate 2-2 de media chilena de bryan ruiz al final de los 90 minutos panama 2-2 con costa rica. el ter
marten dempsey will host a farewell for him this afternoon. panetta testified before the senate arms services committee about the benghazi attack. he said current budget cuts hampered the ability to respond quickly to the attack. the looming budget cuts coming on march 1st would cause even further damage to america's national defense strategy. >> this is the beginning of a number of steps we're going to have to take that are going to badly damage our readiness. stop this constant uncertainty. this month to month situation where we don't know what the hell we're going to get. >> panetta leaves the defense department without a replacement. a confirmation vote for president obama's nominee chuck hagel is expected in the next few days. >>> 18 after the hour now. john brennan is on track to be the next cia director despite -- members of the senate intelligence committee grilled brennan about his defense of unmanned drones to target and kilter roar suspects overseas. that includes u.s. citizens. he told the committee that the obama administration only uses drone strikes when there are no o
don't know about that. coming up, a conversation with leon panetta and general martin dempsey and robert gibbs on our political round table and on this super bowl sunday, our own bob costas on super bowl culture and safety in the nfl. it is all ahead. i guess i'll say ravens for you, lester. >> i knew you were going to say that. >>> that's going to do it for us on this sunday morning. jenna, it's been awesome. you will have a good time tonight. good luck rushing the field. >> the game is going to end in a tie. bye, guys. >>> i'll see you tonight for "nbc nightly news." have a great day, everybody! >>> we are less than nine hoirs from the big game. live from new orleans. over the next hour we'll preview super bowl xlvii. how are the guys feeling? they'll tell us coming up. >>> as colin kaepernick prepares for the biggest game of his life, the stories behind those now famous tattoos, and now famous pose. >>> the legends off the field, what they say they're celebrating and what they say about the big game today. >>> "today in the bay" starts right now. >> announcer: from nbc bay
with the pentagon, first with bob gates and mike mullah, then with leon panetta and marty dempsey. by the same token, america's traditional allies and friends in europe and east asia remain invaluable partners on nearly everything we do and we have spent considerable energy strengthening those bonds over the past four years and i would be quick to add, the u.n., the i.m.f., the world bank and nato, are also still essential. but all of our institutions and our relationships need to be modernized and complemented by new institutions, relationships and partnerships, that are tailored for new challenges and modeled to the needle -- needle of a variable landscape, like how we elevated the g20 during the financial crisis or created the climate and clean air coalition out of the state department to fight short lived pollutants like black carbon, or worked with partners like turkey where the two of us stood up the first global counterterrorism forum. we're also working more than ever with invigorated regional organizations. consider the african union and somalia and the arab league in libya, even subregiona
administration and leon panetta are defending hagel. dempsey says he thinks highly of hagel and is x confident of his abilities after speaking to him in private. >> i will say in my conversations he was well prepared articulate and precise. >> you are confident he could do the job? >> i am not going to speak about confidence. he could be my boss. >> reporters trying to thin the tied against hagel. what are they saying? >> leon pan nineda said it was politics that led to the fierce questioning by the armed service committee in capitol hill. >> it is ob yut the political knights were after hagel. >> what disappointed me was that they talked a lot about past quotes. what about what the secretary of defense is confronting today. we didn't spend a lot of time discussing those issues and in the end that counts. >> hagel should have been questioned more about issues like the war in afghanistan, the turmoil in the mideast and the looming budget cuts that could severely impact the pentagon. instead hagel was criticized for his past statements on iran, israel and the u.s. and nuclear strategy. harris? >
Search Results 63 to 84 of about 160 (some duplicates have been removed)